israeli christians

The Church of Mary Magdalene

43,000 types of Christianity...

... and what they mean for Israel and the Jewish community.

Old City

Ten things to know about Christians in Israel

Christians in the Holy Land are a very small minority group of 175,000 comprising 2 percent of the population.

Jerusalem’s Christian communities feel anxiety in ‘testing’ times

Christian communities are increasingly worried about extremists who want to make the Jewish state one that is solely for Jews.

People attend a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Nazareth

Nazareth mayor says Christmas celebrations will be held as normal

Nazareth, the largest Arab town in Israel with a population of 76,000 Muslims and Christians and is one of the Holy Land's focal points of Christmas festivities.

The Israel Museum

Comment: It’s time to fix Hadrian’s 'Palestinian' mistake

Christians must help correct historic Syria Palaestina travesty.

Muslim women at the Lions' Gate, Jerusalem, July 2017

‘Anti-Israel comments from Christians must be put in Mideast context’

They are held hostage by the Muslim majority around them, says Nonie Darwish.

New evidence of Lost City of Julias unearthed near Sea of Galilee

The site is believed to be the home of apostles Andrew, Peter and Philip.

sky heaven faith religion illustrative

True or False: Heaven is for REAL.

A platform for Jerusalem Post readers to share their thoughts on religion, life, culture, and more.

Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem

Watch: Christians celebrate Easter in the Holy Land

The holiday commemorates the date when Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead, three days after being crucified.

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