israeli lebanon war

Preventing the next war

Military commanders have to plan for the next war and be prepared to present their operational plans to the political leaders.

An offshore natural gas rig in the Mediterranean Sea

Could natural gas in the Mediterranean spark the Third Lebanese War?

"Lebanon will not hesitate to avail itself of its inherent right to self-defence if an armed attack occurs against the economic activities carried out in its maritime areas."


U.S. envoy relays Israeli de-escalation messages to Lebanon

An Israeli official said Satterfield was "relaying messages" to Beirut about several matters of contention.

Poster for the national memorial for Tyre disaster

After 35 years, first national memorial event for 91 victims of Tyre disaster

Officially caused by a gas leak, families of survivors call on govt. to release documents related to the incident

Israel Lebanon

Construction of border fence may lead to flare-up with Hezbollah, IDF warns

Upgraded border fence designed to prevent ground attacks by Hezbollah against Israeli communities situated along the border.

Yom Kippur War

The hidden casualties of war

With Purim here, we may indeed hope that society at large will hear his plea for help and rise to the occasion beyond his wildest expectations.

Michel Aoun

Lebanon has a new president, but what does this mean?

In a world where Hezbollah is ready for war, Aoun is unlikely to be a president that urges restraint.

eldad regev

Analysis: Assessing the covert war between the IDF and Hezbollah

Hezbollah rebuilt southern Beirut and Lebanon and restocked its weapons depots, while the IDF began training and arming itself for the next potential phase of hostilities.

Gal Hirsch et Ehoud Olmert à la base de Biranit

Un long chemin de rédemption

Il était sur le front, celui du Hezbollah comme celui des médias, et ce conflit lui a coûté sa carrière. Rencontre avec le général de réserve Gal Hirsch qui livre enfin sa vérité

Gal Hirsch

Brig.-Gen. Gal Hirsch sets the record straight

Hirsch recently published an English-language book called Defensive Shield. After the war, he resigned from the army.

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