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Jerusalem vs. Tel Aviv and the battle over Israel’s biblical archaeology

"Some think that the history of Israel should be written only by relying on sources outside the Bible."

Second Temple period Jewish ritual bath uncovered, in need of rescuing

The 2,000-year-old facility was revealed during a salvage excavation by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Ancient coin tied to Jewish rebellion against Romans found in Jerusalem

Out of 22,000 ancient coins found in the Old City, only four can be traced back to Bar Kochba rebellion.

Egyptian official on Palestinian TV denies Jewish history in Israel

The appearance was part of a wider narrative by the Palestinian Authority, which insists that archaeological evidence of a continuous Jewish presence in Israel is forgery.

Aaron's Tomb Jordan
Jordan closes Aaron's Tomb after Jews seen praying at site

The decision to close the site was made after Israeli tourists were filmed performing "Jewish rituals" at the site.

1,500 year old cistern found in Jerusalem being mapped
1,500-year-old cistern in J'lem could become newest attraction

The cistern, suggested to be dated from the Byzantine period, may be part of upcoming renovations.

Part of the treasure from the cave on display.
Peki’in exhibit to display treasure from historic Chalcolithic burial cave

The cave is the largest known such cave in Israel, contained a wealth of ancient artifacts: decorated ossuaries, burial offerings, jars, stone tools and more.

The newly discovered Roman-era pool in Tzipori
Discovered Roman-era pool could be 'the krona of Tzipori' from Talmud

May serve as proof for the existence of a famous ancient Jewish bathing site.

Israeli child unearths rare 11,500-year-old fertility figurine

Itamar Berna discovered the figurine while hiking in northern Israel.

Orthodox Jews on the Temple Mount
Abbas's Fatah: Israel planning to destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Palestinians have since used the incident to revive their long-standing charge that Israel was planning to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to rebuild the Third Temple.

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