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1,000-year-old antisemitic violence victims revealed in archaeological discovery

Skeletons found over a decade ago have now been revealed to have been Ashkenazi Jews who had fallen victims to an antisemitic incident.

Israeli, German archeologists reconstruct Hasmonean destruction of Greek city

The year and exact season of the destruction of the Greek town Tel Iẓṭabba occurred has been determined by Israeli/German researchers.

Biblical Hannah's final resting place possibly found in 1,500-year-old convent

The convent was first discovered by Dr. Uzi Dahari and Dr. Yehiel Zelinger of the Israel Antiquities Authority in the early 2000s, but it was eventually re-buried for its own protection.

Statues of Roman goddesses returned to rightful place of honor at Tel Ashkelon

The remains of five marble statues have been rescued from anonymity and placed standing using a special frame between the southern portion of the basilica and the odeon, a small covered theater.

'You cannot curse what God has blessed'

Opinion: Discovery of “cursed tablet” is warning to antisemites

‘Archeology helps us interpret the Bible and vice versa’

Curatorial officer at Museum of the Bible: "Archeology is a puzzle."

How New Testament writers viewed Old Testament prophecy

Spring Bible & Archaeology Fest 2022


‘Curse’ text on ancient amulet could change way scholars read Bible

New tech enabled archeologists to read the ancient text


Forsaking the material legacy of our forebears

The threat to the archaeological record in the heartland of Israel, Judea and Samaria, the cradle of our civilization, is untenable, and cannot be subject to political persuasions.

By Ilan Pomeranc

16th-century letter from famed Kabbalist ‘The Arizal’ revealed

The letter, which was sent to the Arizal by someone named David requesting support for a fundraiser, was discovered in the binding of an antique book.

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