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Israel's Declaration of Independence includes all - opinion

Israel is both a Jewish state and a democracy and should aim to unite all identities.


25 ViZionaries: Ben M. Freeman - No. 8

Meet the founder of the modern Jewish Pride movement.

Coming out as Jewish: What being a Jew and LGBTQ+ have in common - opinion

Coming out as Jews in the Diaspora should be understood as just as important – and critical – as it is for those of us in the LGBTQ+ world.

Kosher food: A definitive key ingredient of Jewish identity - opinion

While the specific laws of kashrut are mysterious, the broader notion of regulating our diet is obvious. Kosher dietary laws always forged Jewish identity. 

Don't let anti-Zionists define Zionism - opinion

Can we really expect to overcome such close-mindedness and combat antisemitism in the guise of anti-Zionism if we Jews can’t even agree on what it means to be a Zionist? 


World Indigenous Day: Recognizing Jews' ties to the Land of Israel - opinion

It is crucial that we have a deep understanding of our own identity so that we can proudly declare, “I am a Jew, and I am indigenous to the Land of Israel.”

Israel isn't suffering a constitutional crisis, but an identity crisis - opinion

As we stand in 2023, a clear, unified vision for Israel’s Jewish inhabitants has yet to emerge. Instead, the existing government has given rise to two sharply contrasting visions


Israel vs Judaism: Can these two identities coexist? - opinion

Our nation of Israel openly seems to declare that we have been split between two critical aspects of our identity – our Judaism and our “Israelism.”


Jews are distinct – we should take pride in our Jewishness - opinion

It is essential for us to wear our Jewishness with pride, and to acknowledge our identity, and to proclaim to the world with unwavering conviction, “This is our story.”

We must recognize internalized anti-Jewishness - opinion

We cannot shy away from engaging in the challenging discussions surrounding the impact of hate on our community. We should not allow ourselves to be bound by shame, and trauma.

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