jews in ancient egypt

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Art by Pepe Fainberg

Moses's regrets

Moses understood that spirituality is not meant to be a selfish affair, and that one cannot leave the community behind – but that is easier said than done.

Israel Antiquities Authority

Rare inscription from King David era discovered in the Valley of Elah

‘This is the 4th inscription revealed so far dating to the 10th century BCE from the Kingdom of Judah,’ says Antiquities Authority.

Archeology Israel

Beer in the Bronze age: Evidence shows Egyptians brewed up a party in ancient Tel Aviv

The ceramic shards found at the site date to the Bronze Age and are believed to have been used in the brewing of the grain based alcoholic beverage.

Jerusalem Day

Time for courage

We are not the slaves in Egypt we once were. We are not the exiled people of a thousand years ago. We are here, back in our ancient homeland, thriving contributors to the world.

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