Judicial system

The biblical reason behind Christian Zionist support for judicial reforms - opinion

Israel’s increasingly activist left-wing opposition is demonstrating fiercely and warning darkly of a possible civil war, even as Israel’s mainstream media dangerously incites just that.


14 Days: IDF chief

Israeli news highlights from the past two weeks.


Gov't legal advisor describes judicial reform bill proposals as 'extreme'

Bligh issued his warning in discussion papers ahead of the Sunday committee session for the bill which seeks to amend Israel's judiciary system.

Encampment protesting in front of Levin's house dismantled by Modi'in municipality

The tent camp of reservists protesting against the judicial reforms in front the Justice Minister's house has been operating for over a week.

Judicial overhaul will boost economy, Netanyahu tells nervous entrepreneurs

Netanyahu met with Papaya Global and Disruptive Technologies Venture Capital after they said they planned to pull out of Israel over judicial reform concerns.

Why does Israel's gov't think the Supreme Court is too powerful? - opinion

Returning Israel's Supreme Court to the pre-Aharon Barak juridical culture of restraint is a necessary process.

Can Lapid, Herzog's panel plan save Israel amid judicial reform crisis? - editorial

With nearly everyone refusing to compromise on judicial reform in Israel, it’s clear that the only way out of this morass is a mechanism along the lines of Lapid’s plan.

Israel's judicial reforms weaken democracy - opinion

The time has arrived to devote some months to drafting and adopting a written constitution, which is the only democratic way for Israel to reform.


Judicial reforms could make Israel a 'haven for corruption' - MK

MK Orit Farkash-Hacohen said the judicial reforms are worrying due to the lack of professionalism and how it threatens to destabilize Israel's checks and balances.


State attorneys threaten labor strike over judicial reform

The Black Robes Protest group, itself comprised of private attorneys, came out in support of the State Attorney organization's announcement.

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