kanye west and jews

Kanye West, social media, extremism: The rise of antisemitism in the US

The rise in antisemitism in the US has American Jewish leaders more concerned than ever and ready to take increased action. 

The top ten worst antisemitic incidents of 2022 - SWC

In a year filled with antisemitic rhetoric and attacks, the Shimon Wiesenthal Center ranked their ten most prominent antisemitic incidents of 2022.

'Kanye was right' graffitied alongside swastika in Melbourne, AU

Similar incidents have taken place across the Jewish diaspora since American rapper Kanye West began an infamous antisemitic tirade late this year.

In fighting antisemitism, Jews can be our own worst enemies - opinion

There are no “Tikkun Olam” Jews. There are no “Trump” Jews. There are only Jews, and we need to remember the dictum — you shall love your neighbor as yourself.


Why are so many Jews working in Hollywood? - opinion

Jews do not run Hollywood. It is crucial to address, however, that, yes, the entertainment industry has disproportionately many Jewish people working in it.

Donald Trump applauded by Orthodox Jewish education group

To Trump's apparent annoyment, the crowd gave the commuting a bigger applause than to the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem.


Kanye West claims to be ‘slightly autistic’ to excuse hate speech

The rapper explained that his alleged autism makes him a savant like the protagonist in the film "Rain Man."

Hanukkah: Finding hope to resist antisemitism - opinion

This Hanukkah, like the Maccabees, I hope we can find strength in numbers and resist antisemitism in all its forms.


Trump dining with Kanye gives Jews haters freedom to express hate - opinion

Although Donald Trump dined with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes, it does not erase the good he has done for Israel.

Antisemitism is becoming normalized because of Kanye West - opinion

Kanye West's comments have inspired extremists to come out of their shells and feel comfortable openly spreading antisemitism.

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