Medical cannabis

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There is a kashrut revolution going on for medical cannabis

In Israel, there are more than 100,000 patients with valid medical cannabis licenses, that consume a massive amount of cannabis every year.

A man prepares a cigarette mixed with marijuana during Cannatech 2017, an annual global cannabis ind

What are the negative effects of smoking cannabis? - study

This study examined how cannabis smoking affects the biological process of aging and the answers aren’t so great. The good news is that the damage is reversible.

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AN EMPLOYEE holds freshly-harvested medical cannabis flowers at Pharmocann, an Israeli medical canna

Super-Pharm to independently import, sell medical cannabis in Israel

This follows several steps taken in Israel to make the use of medical cannabis more efficient for those who need it.

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Marijuana for trauma: Report shows positive effects of medical cannabis

An Israeli medical center and cannabis producer are making a joint effort to report weed’s benefits.

Israeli-Canadian company makes leap in medical treatment with CBD

A major roadblock for the CBD pharmaceutical field has been smashed by Israeli-Canadian company Innocan Pharma.

Is weed bad for you? Brain function could be impacted when sober - study

Cannabis has numerous positive qualities and is often prescribed as a medication. But residual effects can impact cognitive function even when one sobers up.

Medical cannabis

Israeli company to develop plant-based cancer treatment

A collaboration between the Israeli company Cannabotech and Haifa University researchers may lead to an improved method for killing pancreatic and colon cancer cells.

Israeli convicted of drug possession freed from Belarus

Maya Reiten-Stoll, an attorney, traveled to Belarus in late October to meet a client and was arrested at the airport with 2.5 grams of cannabis.

Teva Israel steps into the ring to begin distributing medical cannabis products

Teva Israel partners with Cannbit-Tikun Olam to distribute medical cannabis products that may provide additional treatment options and respond to unmet medical needs of patients.

Israeli cannabis start-up leads way in killing cancer- study

In a new study, CannaboBreast products by Cannabotech showed up to a sixfold improvement in killing breast cancer cells over the existing treatment.

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