Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan

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The Emirati school curriculum: When peace goes to school

UAE Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is arguably the Middle East’s most effective educational reformer. He took a long, hard look and demanded a sweeping rewrite of the country’s textbooks.

Historic first meeting: Israeli prime minister meets Emirati crown prince

Bennett stressed the importance of the relationship between Israel and the UAE.

Abu Dhabi crown prince to visit Turkey after years of tension

Turkey and the UAE have been battling for influence in the Middle East since the Arab uprisings erupted a decade ago.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finds allies in his fight against Iran. In Abu Dhabi, Crown Prince

Netanyahu negotiating a meeting with Saudi Prince in UAE tomorrow

Prime Minister to make first visit to UAE since peace agreement.

ABU DHABI’S Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan attends the Gulf Cooperation Council su

Emirati Crown Prince is this year's 'person of the year,' not coronavirus

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Emirati Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ) did not have to normalize his country’s ties with Israel.

Israeli National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat, U.S. President's senior adviser Jared Kushner an

'Salam, Shalom': UAE newspaper higlights similarities between countries

On Monday, Israeli and American officials flew to Abu Dhabi to meet with UAE officials in friendship, and to discuss further details within the agreement.

Netanyahu met with UAE prince in Abu Dhabi in 2018 - report

The meeting was conducted in a "good atmosphere" and contacts were maintained after the meeting, according to diplomatic sources.


President Rivlin invites UAE crown prince to Jerusalem

Rivlin wrote that he had no doubt that future generations would value the manner in which two courageous leaders have renewed the dialogue for peace.

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