Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman

Netanyahu meets Saudi crown prince MBS, Pompeo in Saudi Arabia

The plane returned to Israel after only a few hours.

Employees, mostly veterans of military computing units, use keyboards working at a cyber hotline

Mossad, Shabak: New cyber warfare training for national service girls

The "take-off" program has been running for several years, providing software engineering students with additional training in the cyber field

Sudan’s economic interests tipped scales - opinion

The 1958 military coup transformed Sudan, bringing it closer to Egypt and severing the link with Israel.

Mossad Director Yossi Cohen

Mossad brought Chinese coronavirus vaccine to Israel

The report comes as countries and companies around the world race to develop a vaccine.

GIRLS STAND next to a poster depicting Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (right) and

Mossad head: Saudi normalization ties close; post US election could see progress

US-mediated normalization talks between Israel and Oman are reportedly close to achieving a breakthrough.

Ex-Mossad chief: Bahrain will try to guard Israelis from Shi’ites, Iran

Efrayim Halevy rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s formula of “peace for peace,” saying that Israel was never at war with the UAE or Bahrain.

Israel's top security prize awarded for three classified defense projects

The projects contributed to Israel's security and preserved its qualitative advantage on the battlefield.

All advanced weapons sales to UAE also had Defense Ministry approval

Yediot Ahronot claimed that the PMO and the Mossad fought with the Defense Ministry to sell advanced weapons to the UAE, but officials said that the ministry approved all sales

Ex-Mossad, IDF intel, think tank try to predict Lebanon’s future

Exclusive: The Jerusalem Post reveals the results of the ICT-IDC open poker project.

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