A TALE of two prime ministers. A portrait of Menachem Begin behind Benjamin Netanyahu

Menachem Begin vs. Benjamin Netanyahu: A window of opportunity

On December 13, Begin called Arye Naor, his cabinet secretary, and ordered him to summon the head of the Mossad, the justice minister and the attorney general for an emergency meeting.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Head of Mossad Yossi Cohen

Netanyahu thanks Mossad chief for purchasing coronavirus medical gear

The Mossad received heavy criticism for its purchases in late March after a covert operation accidentally brought 100,000 incomplete coronavirus test kits to Israel from an unidentified Gulf state.

Secret camera bag used by Mossad agents in capture of Adolf Eichmann

New photos released 60 years after Israel captured Eichmann

'This was the end of a complex operation by the Mossad and the Shin Bet, far from Israeli territory, in a foreign and unfamiliar environment'

An Iranian carries the Iranian and Hezbollah flags during the commemoration of the 41st anniversary

Germany confirms Mossad help with Hezbollah ban but upset about credit

Hezbollah had malware in Germany to spy on US and Israeli soldiers


60 years ago, Adolf Eichmann abducted by Mossad, brought to Israel

Eichmann was the only person in Israel's history to be executed by the state.

NYT reports on Israeli Defense Ministry as 'best known' for killing people

A NYT article presented the Defense Ministry’s Research and Development section as “best known” for killing people and blowing things up.

Mossad Director Yossi Cohen

Mossad makes inroads with Israeli diplomacy in EU - analysis

In many of the above instances, the Mossad’s aid led to retaliation by European countries against Iran in the ongoing nuclear standoff.

Mossad intel helped Germany decide to outlaw Hezbollah - report

Israel's intelligence agency The Mossad informed German officials of Hezbollah-sponsored terror activity in Germany, which led to the country banning the organization.


Mossad delivers coronavirus equipment to Israel

Additionally, the Mossad is working on procuring 47 different drugs and anesthetics that Israel is lacking according to the Health Ministry.

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