Mount Meron tragedy

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The power of civic solidarity after tragedy to bring us together - opinion

The Arabs understand the pain of the ultra-Orthodox. They experience the same contempt from the police and the minister of public security.


Is Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai really buried at Meron? It’s complicated

On one hand some rock cut burials dating back to the time of the Mishna are present in Meron. On the other, no archaeological evidence linking them to the Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was ever found.

Down with Deri: The Shas leader must be shamed out of politics - opinion

The Meron misfortune reflects a larger problem that Israel has with haredi politics, in which Arye Deri is a key culprit.

My Word: Learning from the Meron disaster

There was something biblical about both the scope and nature of the disaster that took the lives of 45 people in the early hours of Friday morning, April 30.

We’ll see Meron’s effect on coronavirus next week, health official says

It was easier to impose a national lockdown than differentiated policies, Tomer Lotan, executive director at the National Coronavirus Taskforce, tells Post.

Donny Morris, 19, who perished in the Mount Meron Tragedy.

Meron tragedy impacts world's Jewish communities' mental health

As the public began to learn the victims' identities on Friday, the personal aspect of the tragedy began to come into greater focus for Jewish communities worldwide.

Mount Meron tragedy shows need for bolstering religious Jewish unity

Over and over again, the same refrains were uttered: “We must unite,” “We all share the same fate” and “We must learn to live together with one another despite our differences.”

Mount Meron tragedy throws up questions of faith

And the most pervasive question of all: Why did God allow this to happen?

Meron tragedy underscores dangerous divisions in Israel - opinion

Haredim cannot be expected to respect secular culture. Secular people, meanwhile, cannot be expected to respect the haredi way.

United Hatzalah medics work to help injured at Meron, April 30, 2021

Mount Meron tragedy: Night of unity, respect, helping others - opinion

Our students never blamed the police or the hassidim. They showed concern for everyone.

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