Mount Meron tragedy

Police requests for reinforcements before Meron Disaster went unanswered - report

"We need reinforcements...Where are all the officers who are lounging around? They need to come here!" pleaded officers over radio.

Haredi MK demands full control over Meron disaster probe from Netanyahu

Sources involved in the negotiations say that a final decision on Porush's demands has not been made yet and that it "remains in discussion."


Meron disaster panel sets hearing date for Netanyahu, warned officials

The inquiry has questioned top political officials, all of whom had been holding their breath about whether the inquiry would place the blame on them during an election season.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu climbs out after a visit inside the Rahav, the fifth submarine in

Can next Israeli gov't cancel, ignore three major state inquiries? - analysis

Amid the focus on the corruption trial of Benjamin Netanyahu, most have forgotten the three state inquiries: The Submarine Affair, Mount Meron tragedy and Gilboa Prison breakout.

Mount Meron committee issues second interim recommendations

The commission was established in mid-2021 following the death of 45 men and boys on April 30, 2021, in a mass crush on Mount Meron, the site of the tomb of Talmudic sage Shimon Bar Yochai.

14 Days: Schools reopen

Israeli news highlights from the past two weeks.


45 Israelis were killed at Meron, why is no one accountable? - opinion

When officials see those tactics work, why would they even bother trying to fix the problems that plague Israel? Why would they bother trying to solve some of the decades-old challenges Israel faces?


Meron: Still no accountability more than a year later - editorial

More than a year after 45 families lost loved ones on Mount Meron, there is still nobody able to stand up and say, “I’m sorry, I was partially to blame.”

Netanyahu's election campaign boosted by Meron disaster warning letter - analysis

In the topsy-turvy world of Israeli politics, the warning letter sent by the Meron commission is likely to bolster Netanyahu’s bid to return to the premiership rather than sink it.

Netanyahu, police chief blamed for Meron disaster, receive letters of warning

Warning letters could be the beginning of a legal process against the former prime minister, minister of public security and police chief Shabtai.

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