netanyahu speech to congress

MK Tzipi Livni

Tzipi Livni: Israel is weak, isolated without the US

"Netanyahu committed the original sin of intervening in American domestic politics and ruined relations with US," says the Zionist Union knesset member.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with a bipartisan US Congressional delegation

Netanyahu meets US representative who skipped his Iran address to Congress

While the speech in Congress did come up during the meeting, the main focus was on the Iranian nuclear negotiations. Netanyahu is continuing to be outspoken in his opposition to the Iran deal.

President Barack Obama.

Steinitz: 'We are happy this morning' over agreement between Obama and Congress on Iran bill

The bill requires the Obama administration to send Congress regular, detailed reports on a range of issues including Iran's support for terrorism, ballistic missiles and nuclear programs.

Benjamin Netanyahu

A speech and a wake-up call

Whether by intention or not, the American public needs to see this speech for what it was: an ally, perhaps representing other allies, calling America to take back the driver’s seat.

Face the Nation

Netanyahu suggests US moved the goal posts on Iran

"Shift in policy" from prevention to containment of a nuclear Iran, Netanyahu says; Obama talks of urgency to reach a deal this month.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) embraces former Mossad chief Meir Dagan in 2011

'Ungrateful' Dagan attacking Netanyahu after PM saved his life, Likud's Akunis says

Netanyahu helped facilitate a liver transplant for former Mossad chief in 2012.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu suggests Congress speech preventing world powers from rushing to bad deal

PM's comments come after Kerry said that he did not feel a sense of urgency to get any deal with Iran, saying "we have to get the right deal."

Benjamin Netanyahu

PM on Purim to BBC's Persian service: Iranian regime carrying on in Haman's tradition

PM says his speech to Congress "hit home" and that it succeeded in getting people to understand there “is a problem” with the emerging deal.

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