10 mind-blowing reasons Trump thinks Norway’s schools are better

These elements make the Norwegian education system not just unique, but also highly effective in preparing students for life and work.

Keir Starmer is treading a fine line in pledging recognition of Palestinian state

Unlike the recent moves by Ireland, Spain, Norway, and Slovenia which recognized the non-existent Palestinian state outright, the Labour commitment to recognizing a Palestinian state is nuanced.

Norway warns PA on the verge of collapse as Israel seeks to sanction it

"The situation is extremely dire,” Norwegian Foreign Minister Barth Eide said. "The Palestinian Authority, with whom we work closely, are warning us that they might be collapsing this summer,

Recognizing a Palestinian state sends powerful message, unlikely to impact trade

The real challenge lies not in the symbolic gestures but in navigating the pragmatic ties that sustain these relationships amid an ever-changing geopolitical arena.


Spain is to face consequences for recognizing a Palestinian state

By joining the case accusing Israel of “genocide,” Spain joins the worst of our enemies, those who on October 7 murdered men, children, and babies in the most barbaric way.


Palestinian statehood recognition, domestic politics, and the wrong side of history

For an actual Palestinian state to come into existence and be more than just a name on a placard identifying a speaker at the UN General Assembly, Israel will need to acquiesce.


Is France to follow European counterparts in recognizing a Palestinian State?

“I’m in favor of France recognizing a Palestinian state, but not necessarily tomorrow,’’ European Parliament member (MEP) Bernard Guetta told The Jerusalem Post.


My Word: The Palestinian failed state solution

It took no moral courage but a lack of a moral compass to officially declare recognition for a state that has no defined borders, no democracy, and no economy.

Irish PM: 'If Palestine isn't recognized now, later may be too late'

Israel “has wrongly sought to portray” unilateral Palestinian statehood recognition “as a reward for terrorism and a boost for Hamas. This could not be further from the truth,” he said.

Spain, Ireland, and Norway officially recognize Palestinian state

The move, which Israel has criticized, will see increased diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority, and Spain announced that it would recognize east Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

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