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Israelis are getting heavier - how can we stop the rise of obesity?

Finding a way to convince parents to enforce a few simple family habits, such as drinking water instead of sweetened drinks and not allowing snacks between meals, would be a good way to start.

A woman smokes a cigarette as she sits on a bench in Liverpool

‘Too little exercise, too much obesity and too much smoking’ - health survey

Latest national health survey shows Israeli adults of all backgrounds have plenty of room for improvement.

A blood glucose test is done to check sugar levels in a Type 2 Diabetes patient

Diabetes spikes in Israel's Arabs, study blames obesity, genetics

Type-2 diabetes is surging among Israeli youths – 10-fold higher among Arabs compared to 3.5-times more among their Jewish counterparts

Top 5 biggest threats to our health in 2022

The most well-known part of Passover is the ten plagues. Lice and frogs probably don’t scare you too much, but these days many of us are dealing with one or more common health concerns.

By Maor Moiger/Walla!
  Buffet of food

Who is best suited for gastric bypass surgery? Expert explains

Here’s everything you need to know about one of the most common surgeries performed today: Gastric bypass surgery.


COVID-19: After the worst of the pandemic, it’s time to get fit

Has everyone around you gained weight over the last two years? This might be why.

By Walla!

Obesity after quitting smoking may be easily avoided - study

A recent study in the prestigious Nature magazine carried out by Israeli researchers found that obesity after quitting smoking has to do with a specific microorganism and may be easily reduced.

The secret to healing what ails you lies within your own DNA

Scientists discover genes directly responsible for obesity

A discovery by UVA scientists could pave the way to develop obesity treatment.

Can what you eat save you from COVID-19?

“We have two epidemics: obesity and COVID-19,” said Dr. Mariela Glandt, a Harvard University and Columbia University-trained endocrinologist.

Israeli scientists find cell involved in fatty liver disease progression

The findings could help make a treatment for fatty liver, a condition found in 90% of people with obesity.

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