Operation Breaking Dawn

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Regina Spektor

Singer Regina Spektor supports Israel during Operation Breaking Dawn

The Jewish American singer argued against the double standard of how Israel is treated in the media, noting how other eliminations of terrorist leaders were praised.

What is proportionality in international law when it comes to Israel? - opinion

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


Did Israel successfully market Islamic Jihad as another Hamas? - opinion

With its traditional terrorist foe taking a back seat, the Israeli government needed to explain the dangers presented to its state from scratch.

Life on the border with Gaza - opinion

My stomach does somersaults when faced with this kind of tension. I took off a kilo in the three days of this operation. Not a diet I would recommend.


Without peace, the Gaza situation will only worsen - opinion

The rounds of fighting in Gaza are not about Gaza alone, they are about the inability of these two peoples to find the best way to share land that each side claims as its own.

Was it legal for Lapid, Gantz to start Gaza op. without convening cabinet? - analysis

Is the security cabinet required to approve any war or major operation which could lead to war?

14 Days: Breaking Dawn

Israeli news highlights from the past two weeks.


Meet the real winners from the IDF's latest operation: Rafael, IAI

The success rate that shows the effectiveness of Iron Dome will accelerate negotiations with several countries for purchasing the system, especially several Gulf countries.


Russian embassy slams PM Lapid for 'disdain of Palestinians' lives'

The Russian Embassy in Cairo attacked Prime Minister Lapid, commenting on a tweet in which he referred to the massacre in the city of Bucha, accusing him of "disrespecting the lives of Palestinians."

Jerusalemites unsure about dividends of Israel’s Gaza military operation

The three days of violence in Gaza ended on Sunday night with a fragile Egyptian-brokered cease-fire agreement.

By Isla-Rose Deans/The Media Line
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