Operation Northern Shield

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When non-events are actually major news

Israel may have spared countless lives, billions of dollars, and a global show-down that would have drawn in every important player in the region and beyond.

An Israeli soldier lowers a camera down an Israeli-dug hole into a cross-border tunnel dug from Leba

Stop tunnels and war

What were those Hezbollah tunnels built for? Is there any doubt that they were to be used in the next war with Israel?

benjamin netanyahu

Netanyahu: 'We will strike harder in Syria if needed'

"Everyone understands how this war would have looked like if Hezbollah fighters managed to infiltrate into the Galilee regions."

Netanyahu takes credit for Israel's weekend strike on Iranian arms in Syria

"Only in the last 36 hours did the air force strike targets in Syria and we have proven that we will not stop the settlement of Iran in Syria." Netanyahu said.

IDF SOLDIERS LIFT the cover off a hole into a cross-border tunnel dug from Lebanon into Israel, near

The IDF’s anti-tunnel operation is not about tunnels

IDF intelligence chief said deterrence, legitimacy were the keys to Operation Northern Shield.

IDF discovers an additional Hezbollah tunnel entering Israel from Lebanon, Operation Northern Shield

IDF intel chief: We may not find all attack tunnels

‘We’ve thwarted Hezbollah invasion ambitions’

An Israeli soldier lowers a camera down an Israeli-dug hole into a cross-border tunnel dug from Leba

Hezbollah tunnels to be focus of three-way meeting

UNIFIL confirms existence of fourth underground cross-border passage

Footage of the material used by the IDF to destroy Hezbollah tunnels leaking out of a building

IDF Hezbollah tunnel-destroying material discovered in Lebanon

The material used to destroy the tunnels came out of the tunnel in several places in the southern Lebanese village of Kafr Kila, the IDF said.

Fifth Hezbollah tunnel located and destroyed by IDF.

IDF destroys fifth attack tunnel crossing from Lebanon into Israel

"The IDF views the Lebanese government as responsible for the digging of the tunnels and for the consequences of its action," the IDF said.

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