Tel Aviv Municipality lit up with the UAE flag, August 13, 2020.
The Israel-UAE Agreement: A Message to Iran, the Palestinians and Biden

People across much of the Sunni Muslim Arab world don’t perceive Israel anymore as an enemy, but rather as an ally.

RABBI ADIN STEINSALTZ, who died on Friday – self-effacing charm, a quick wit and love.
Meeting Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, an uncategorizable mind

We left Steinsaltz’s office not knowing precisely what category to place him in. It is not common to meet someone who truly defies description.

A newsstand in Manhattan outfitted with ‘Fake News’ headlines was a stunt by ‘Columbia Journalism'
The media must be open to debate, even if we disagree

A pernicious trend creeping its way into liberal sanctuaries: Opinions that may not be politically correct, that go against “enlightened” thought, are shut down.

New York Times opinion editor resigns over controversial article

The New York Times has come under fire after it published an editorial on June 3 from US Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, titled "Send in the Troops."

The NYT Cotton op-ed controversy from an op-ed editor’s lens

Was it offensive to publish the June 3, 2020 Cotton op-ed that called for sending in the troops to restore order after a week of protests in the US?

RONALD LAUDER, president of the World Jewish Congress.
Lauder in Arab News: A new page in Muslim-Jewish relations - analysis

“The old broadside attacks against Israelis by almost all Arab countries have quietly dissipated and the evidence is as clear as the nightly television entertainment shows that people are watching.”

The Court’s independence and the threats it faces

The prime minister in this transitional government will ultimately drag the nation in the end to a fourth round of elections.

Opinion must not be passed off as impartial news - opinion

“News consumers have a difficult time making a distinction between reporters and opinion journalists... because most of the time there is no difference.”

Just a Thought: COVID-19 and disruptions in Halacha

But what of real disruptions?

Open Letter: Not about baking cupcakes, more about coronavirus

Utter regression at a time I need strength. At least I waited until the kids were sleeping. (Not that I’m judging mommy breakdowns when the kids are awake.

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