Palestinian Elections

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Palestinians count down to the end of Abbas's era

PALESTINIAN AFFAIRS: The decision to delay Palestinian elections will have far-reaching implications

Palestinian elections and the unknown road ahead - opinion

There are serious reasons behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Most Israelis are blind to the realities of occupation.

Jerusalem Day: A unified capital remains divided - editorial

The lack of clarity over the status of the Palestinians living in Jerusalem and the lack of a vision making Jerusalem a truly undivided city remains elusive.


Letters to the Editor May 5, 2021: More on Meron

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

Abbas: Palestinian elections postponed after Israel blocks Jerusalem vote

“There will be no elections without Jerusalem,” Abbas said in opening remarks during a meeting of leaders of several Palestinian factions in Ramallah.

My Word: A hit-and-miss season

Salt & Vinegar-flavored crisps should have been a major story this season. But the news has been dominated by rockets, violence and politics.

Israel is not prepared for the Palestinian elections - editorial

The truth is that the blame lies with the PA and Hamas. The problem for Israel is it allowed the slouching toward elections to occur without bothering to consider the various train-wreck outcomes.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attends a virtual meeting with Palestinian factions over Israel

Before crucial meeting, Abbas urges EU to press Israel on Jerusalem vote

Abbas is reportedly planning to announce his plans to postpone the elections indefinitely because of Israel's failure to respond to a PA request to hold the vote in Jerusalem.

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