pay for slay

PA raises salary for terrorists who killed 9 at Hebrew U

The 14.29% raise in the salaries of four terrorists coincided with the 20th anniversary of the bombing, which took place on Sunday.

Cabinet authorizes to deduct ‘pay for slay’ payments from PA tax money

The Security Cabinet voted to deduct NIS 600 million from taxes for the Palestinian Authority, as long as the PA stops paying terrorists who attacked Israelis.

Palestinians pay partial wages after Israel transfers tax revenue to PA

The Palestinian foreign minister estimated that Israel has been withholding $500 million of tax revenues due to the PA's pay-for-slay policy.


Israeli taxes not used for Palestinian terror payments, FADC head says

The FADC held a debate on the source of an Israeli loan of NIS 500 million to the PA last year to offset financial harm from the absence of withheld taxes.

'Pay-for-slay' Abbas takes his cue from 'Iran-Deal' Blinken - opinion

PA President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the last week's terror attacks in a rare move that shouldn't be cause for optimism.


Bankrolling terrorism and moral equivalence - opinion

The families of the three terrorists killed on Tuesday by Israeli forces will be handsomely paid monthly stipends from now on.


The Sisyphean attempt to curb Palestinian ‘martyrdom’ - opinion

With internal American and Israeli politics being as divided as they are, it’s going to take a lot more than a congressional bill to keep would-be “martyrs” at bay.


Taylor Force Act addition seeks to block 'pay for slay'

“Such flouting of anti-terrorism financial regulations is only possible through the maintenance or use of correspondent accounts at United States banks.”

Israel won't thwart two states, minister tells int'l parley on Palestinians

"My dream is to see my country in peace with my people," Regional Cooperation Minister Esawi Frej told an international donor parley in Oslo.

Palestinian financial crisis at 'breaking point,' UN envoy warns

UN envoy Tor Wennesland: "Estimates suggest that the PA will have a 2021 budget deficit of around $800 million."

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