Peace Deal With Israel

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An elderly Bhutanese prays as he walks around a Bu

If Bhutan were a child, it would be the reclusive kid in class - analysis

Were Bhutan a kid in high school, it would be that small, reclusive, rather odd kid with the crew-cut in class that nobody knows too much about.

NO SHAME: You may have eaten sufganiyot blanketed in sugar over Hanukkah – and that’s OK.

'Abu Dhabi' doughnut a Hanukkah hit in Israel

The new product, Itzik Kadosh said on Sunday, was a way "to appreciate the peace process" upon which Israel and the UAE have embarked.

The head of Sudan's Transitional Military Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, talks

Sudan deal encourages other Arab states to follow suit - analysis

Both Israel and Sudan have much to gain from this diplomatic breakthrough.

Israeli National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat, U.S. President's senior adviser Jared Kushner an

'Salam, Shalom': UAE newspaper higlights similarities between countries

On Monday, Israeli and American officials flew to Abu Dhabi to meet with UAE officials in friendship, and to discuss further details within the agreement.

The historic battle for Israel’s heritage

Hundreds of heritage and archaeology sites in Judea and Samaria are reportedly slated to be removed from Israeli control and transferred to the jurisdiction of the proposed Palestinian state.

Trump announces UAE-Israel agreement, flanked by David Friedman and Jared Kushner.

Five times Israel took big steps towards the Israel-UAE agreement

Here are the five critical steps undertook to reach last week’s major achievement: the "Abraham Accord."

Who else deserves credit for UAE deal? Obama and the failed JCPOA

It was his failed policy in the Middle East and his embrace of the regime in Iran – culminating in the 2015 nuclear deal – that helped push Israel and the moderate Gulf states together.

Tel Aviv Municipality lit up with the UAE flag, August 13, 2020.

The Israel-UAE Agreement: A Message to Iran, the Palestinians and Biden

People across much of the Sunni Muslim Arab world don’t perceive Israel anymore as an enemy, but rather as an ally.

PLO invites Israelis to Ramallah on Partition Plan anniversary

Fatah General Jibril Rajoub praised the Israelis; a Neturei Karta rabbi was booed by the crowd.

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