Could Israel’s fusion energy co. power our future factories and cities?

While several companies worldwide are working toward nuclear fusion, only one company in Israel has jumped full-throttle into the effort: NT-Tao.

Eco Wave Power: The Israeli firm using water waves for renewable energy

Today, Eco Wave is an eco-company with projects in several countries, including a joint partnership with the Israeli government and French National Energy supplier EDF at Jaffa Port


Netanyahu wastes no time showing who’s boss - analysis

Netanyahu's first week in office has led to the UN Security Council convening a special meeting to publicly attack Israel, and the US joining in.

Dozens of passengers get stuck in Haifa cable car due to power outage

The incident, which left roughly 30 passengers stranded for nearly an hour, was not the first time this year Haifa's cable cars have halted mid-trip.


Fusion energy: US scientists reveal step advancing goal of fusion power

Science and technology hurdles mean commercialization is probably not five or six decades away but sooner, according to Kimberly Budil.


Kyiv mayor says 'apocalypse' scenario possible this winter, but urges no panic

Residents should be prepared, but there was presently no need to evacuate as conditions remained stable.


Power supplies in Ukraine will improve if Kyiv recognizes Russia's new regions - Medvedev

Former Russian President Medvedev, also argued that Ukraine purchasing electricity from Slovakia will lead to more energy price hikes for Ukrainians.

About 233,000 still without power in Puerto Rico days after Fiona

Following Hurricane Fiona's destructive path, Puerto Rico still faces widespread power outages across the island.


IDF re-opens Gaza crossings for humanitarian needs after ceasefire

Gaza's sole power plant was forced to cease its operations on Saturday after it ran out of fuel.

Ukraine war: Power restored to Chernobyl nuclear power plant - IAEA

Site of the worst nuclear disaster in history, the plant was seized by Russian troops on February 24 after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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