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Could eating raw meat every day kill you?

Gross: This man decided to eat raw meat every day to see if it would kill him.

By Walla!

Rutgers researchers find protein structures linked to origins of life - study

The research sheds new light on the origins of life on Earth and may help in the search for alien life.

A scientist prepares protein samples for analysis in a lab

Israeli AI drug discovery co Protai raises $8m

Protai, which was only founded last year, has built an end-to-end AI-based platform that comprehensively maps the course of a disease on the protein level.

By Gali Weinreb/Globes/TNS

The future of lab-grown meat and how it can meet the need for protein

A few products are already in restaurants and on supermarket shelves.


What is the difference between slow and fast proteins?

Protein is the key to building muscle after a workout. Here’s what you need to know about protein intake.

By Rakefet Arieli
Researchers from Hebrew University and Penn State College of Medicine teamed up to study the differe

Can studying the origins of Parkinson's help treat it? - study

New research from Hebrew University and Penn State analyzes the shapes a specific protein found in neurons takes as the disease develops.

Israeli investment in alternative proteins jump eight times

Worldwide, investments in alternative protein companies reached $3.1 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach $140 billion, or 10% of the total meat market, by 2030.


Mosquito protein could lead to groundbreaking virus treatments - study

The protein AEG12 is able to strongly inhibit flaviviruses, a family of viruses consisting of known highly contagious and potentially deadly diseases like Zika, West Nile, dengue and yellow fever.

Technion solves decades-old problem surrounding protein synthesis

Until now, scientists had no choice but to allow proteins to fold in whichever way it falls, with the process taking hours to days with expected loss in material along the way.

Israeli researchers release findings on how body deteriorates with age

While the deterioration had been previously demonstrated in worms, Technion recreated the conditions in human cells and presented its findings in the context of heat stress.

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