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Ashkelon restoration project puts Roman basilica columns back in place

The massive marble columns weigh over seven tons. The fourth column will be placed next week.

Findings document Roman involvement in emerald mining in Egyptian desert

‘Mons Smaragdus’ was the only place in Roman Empire where emeralds were found.

Archaeologists uncover largest Roman mosaic in London in 50 years

The mosaic, which was found near the skyscraper known as the Shard. was likely part of a lavish “mansio” high market motel catering to the Roman elite

Builders find 2,000-year-old Roman cemetery in Gaza

Ruins discovered there include the remains of a siege by Alexander the Great as well as a Mongol invasion.

Ancient Pottery

What did the ancient Romans use as portable toilets? - study

The recent discovery confirmed for the first time that parasite eggs have been identified inside a Roman pot and were likely to have contained feces.

Ancient Roman town, cemetery discovered by British rail company

Thousands of commercial, industrial and domestic artifacts were unearthed at the site in southeast England, along with a cemetery with over 400 burial spots and decapitated skeletons.

Roman-era burial site discovered in Gaza City

Workers were digging out the terrain in order to begin construction on an Egyptian-funded housing project when the ancient ruins were discovered.

Who killed Jesus: The Romans or the Jews?

Christians should be aware that, whoever killed Jesus, if this tragedy had not happened they would have neither their religion nor their Salvation.

By Lewis Regenstein
Uncovered Hurcules statue

Unfinished Roman-era statue found in old Macedonian capital Veria

The city, also known by the name of Berea, was once home to a Jewish community, as recounted in the Bible's New Testament.

Authorities believe looted Bar Kochba artifacts were Roman army spoils

Among the findings are typical Roman cult artifacts decorated with figures and pagan symbols, which prove that they were likely the original property of Roman soldiers.

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