Passover: Israeli politicians post holiday pictures

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett takes a hike; opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu stays home.


Ukrainian refugees celebrate personal exodus during Passover

The Jewish Agency's main Passover Seder took place at the Jewish emergency center in Warsaw, Poland, while another one took place in Budapest for thousands of Jewish refugees from Ukraine.


Nechama Leibowitz's memory and the Haggadah - opinion

Nechama Leibowitz redeemed traditional commentary. We have needed 25 years to come to terms with her absence.


Largest Passover seders in Arab world held in UAE

The seders were held in multiple languages, including English, Hebrew, French and Russian.

Despite danger and disruption, Ukrainian Jews prepare to celebrate Passover in public seders

Thousands of Ukrainian Jews are preparing to celebrate the Jewish holiday in dozens of group seders – both in Ukraine and outside it.

The rapture of the prophet Elijah.

Passover: The secret of redemption

It makes sense to choose Elijah because in the Bible he does not die – he is carried up to heaven in a whirlwind (II Kings 2:11). Since Elijah did not die, he should be the one to return.


Passover: Four cups of freedom & redemption

One of the central commandments at the Seder is drinking four cups of wine. It might be understood that drinking a lot of wine makes a person feel free. But why four cups?

Pascale’s Kitchen: Fresh salads for Seder night

This week, I’m bringing you recipes for easy salads that can be made at the last minute, and served at your table at the Seder or the other Passover meals. 

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