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Sudanese envoy in Israel to promote ties - source

Envoys have traveled between Israel and Sudan, though no official pact has yet been signed.


Will the Sudan coup affect future ties with Israel? - opinion

Given the military’s support of the agreement with Israel to begin with, the coup is unlikely to affect change.


Israeli delegation working to advance normalization deal with Sudan

A senior Israeli delegation met with Sudanese Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, Nearly a year after Sudan agreed to make peace with Israel

Sudanese demonstrate in support of their people in South Tel Aviv, June 30, 2019.

High Court to State: Give Darfurians, Nubians refugee rights, or deport

In a groundbreaking ruling, the High Court of Justice told the state that if it doesn't figure out a way to give illegal Darfurians and Nuba Sudanese refugee rights, they will get deported.

Settler leader, Sudanese Ambassador meet after Israel boycott rescinded

The Samaria Regional Council head met with a Sudanese official in a move that signaled that the country's fledging normalized ties with Israel would also include the settlements.

An African migrant sits near the Old Central Bus Station in south Tel Aviv, Israel February 3, 2020

Netanyahu fixates on African migrants – but Likud has no policy

Despite the talks with Sudan and the fact that Netanyahu has repeatedly initiated discussion on the topic, Likud does not have an official policy on the matter.

Sudan working to cancel Israel boycott law - report

The sovereign council denied that discussions to cancel the law were taking place.


Sudan officially joins Abraham Accords to normalize Israel ties

Sudan became the third of four countries to agree to sign on to the Trump administration-brokered accords, following the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, and before Morocco.

The Abraham Accords domino effect will lead to more peace deals

DIPLOMATIC AFFAIRS: It was hard to predict in January 2020 that, by the end of the year, Israel would have relations with four more Arab countries.

2020: The year Sudan ended its isolation and looked to peace with Israel

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew directly to Sudan from Israel in August.

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