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Russia's Lavrov condemns Israeli missile strikes on Syria

Israel hit Iranian targets in a series of strikes near Assad's ancestral home region and also close to Russia's main Syrian bases on the coast.


Israeli airstrikes in Syria injure one, missiles shot down - Syrian reports

In the third alleged Israeli airstrike this week, sites south of Damascus were targeted and one person was injured, according to Syrian reports.

Alleged Israeli airstrike hits weapons factory near Damascus - report

5 pro-Iranian militants, as well as a number of Iranian engineers, were reportedly killed in the strike.


Israeli military may continue operations in Syria despite condemning Russia

Despite the war between Russia and Ukraine and after Israel condemned Russia, Russia's attitude towards IDF operations in Syria remains the same.

War in Ukraine won’t stop Israel’s war-between-wars in Syria - analysis

With the tensions rising between Moscow, Kyiv, and the West, Jerusalem has been extremely pragmatic in deciding how it responds to the crisis.

F35 Adir fighter jet

Alleged Israeli airstrike targets Damascus

The airstrike comes just a day after Syrian state media reported that Israel had fired a number of surface-to-surface missiles from the Golan Heights towards sites in Quneitra near the border.


Alleged Israeli strike targets sites near border in Syria

Independent reports indicated that the targets of the strikes were near Madinat al-Baath and Rwihinah, both located near the border with Israel.


Israel accused of striking Syria hours after Assad met Russian Defense Min.

There were no reports of any Syrian anti-aircraft missiles launched against the alleged Israeli attack.

What is Israel's endgame in attacking Syria?

Israel will ensure no peace and quiet for Syria if Iran retains its military presence, a look at the IDF's actions through four fundamental operational goals.


Syrian soldier killed in alleged Israeli airstrike on Syria

The latest airstrike comes just over a week after an alleged Israeli airstrike targeted containers at the Latakia port in northwestern Syria.

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