third palestinian intifada

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‘OTHER THAN a crash course in crowd control, we were never trained for this.’ The author (foreground

Invitation to an intifada: Part 1

Thirty years on, a former soldier recounts 30 days that opened his eyes to the price of occupation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to the family members of the three people killed by

Netanyahu favors capital punishment for Halamish terrorist

Israeli prime minister echoes ministers who called for the death penalty to be put to use against terrorist who murdered family in Halamish.

Halamish terror attack

In pictures: The grisly scene of the Halamish terror attack

Warning: The following photographs contain graphic imagery.

pipe bomb

'Would-be Jerusalem bomber learned to make explosives on YouTube, infiltrated Israel'

According to the indictment he made up his mind to attack, kill Jews and become a martyr after seeing Jews on the Temple Mount.


Israel criticized by UNSC for mistreating Palestinian children

According to the Israeli mission at the UN, during the current wave of violence 47 of the acts of terrorism against Israelis have been carried out by Palestinian youth.

The graffiti reads "All of us are martyrs."

Palestinian Authority rejects Iranian offer to 'trade in the suffering' of Palestinians

Earlier this week, Iran's ambassador to Lebanon said that Tehran would offer $7,000 to the families of each Palestinian killed in what he called the "Al-Quds Intifada."


MY WORD: No end of Violence

The wave of attacks lacks not just a name and an ending but also a definite starting point. The violence stretches back so far it has no beginning.

Haneen Zoabi

It doesn’t have to be us against them

The provocative behavior of Arab Knesset members adds an entirely new layer to Israeli-Arab support of terrorism against the state.

Terror Israel

COMMENT: Signaling the start of an armed intifada?

The telltale signs are: First, the perpetrating terrorist’s profile, Second, each terrorist attack spurs imitation on the Palestinian side.

Illustrative: Palestinian stone-thrower

The hearts and minds of the Israeli people

Israel is standing strong in this war against terrorism. Despite the difficulties, Israeli forces are once again using all of their energy and resources to combat terrorism.

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