MK Rafi Peretz, 2019.
Rafi Peretz launches cooperation initiative with UAE

The initiative aims at bringing to Israel, and more specifically Jerusalem, thousands of tourists, hi-tech companies and exchange students.

Netanyahu condoned sale of F-35s to UAE, despite public denial - report

Sources familiar with the negotiations say the prime minister went along with the plan for the Trump administration to sell weapons to the Emirates.

BAHRAIN IS preparing to host an event devoted to the US peace plan.
Bahrain to allow flights between Israel and UAE to cross its airspace

The decision came at the request of the UAE following a historic agreement last month between Abu Dhabi and Israel to normalize ties.

My Word: Between Amazon’s Halo, Abu Dhabi and the Tour de France

In any case, talk of a joint mission between Israel and the UAE puts me in an optimistic mood.

The UAE-Israel deal shows the Netanyahu Doctrine at work

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The idea is relatively simple: get countries to realize that their interests are served better by having ties with Israel than by pretending the country doesn’t exist.

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