Israel's only way forward is unity gov't - Bennett says in Australia

The former prime minister says he supports Israeli judicial reforms, but said the current government has gone "too far."


First Knesset speech written by ChatGPT held by MK Haskel

Sharren Haskel read out a speech written by artificial intelligence, warning against division in the country because of the judicial reform plans.

Israel desperately needs unity to defeat its enemies - opinion

We can ill afford necessary laws from being voted down or necessary government decisions from being opposed when they will help our defense and security.


Broadcast calling for delay of judicial reforms censored by the Second Authority

The Second authority deemed events shown in the clip, including PM Rabin's murder, too 'controversial' and did not allow it to be broadcast.

Cardinal Newman and self-conscience: Commentary on Israeli politics

Most people get confused when speaking about tolerance. They often use this word when in fact they mean “apathy.”

It's time for Herzog to step up to the plate

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: With extreme voices dominating the public debate, the measured voice of the president needs to be heard loudly.


Israeli opposition protests must be kept civil - editorial

Israel knows too well the threats that can tear apart a country.

A civil war is not a joke – Israelis need to wake up - opinion

EDITOR'S NOTES: The thought that this latest experiment in Jewish sovereignty will be in jeopardy because of internal discord should shake us all at our core.

An empty Knesset Plenum

After elections, Israel needs a strong, stable government - editorial

This is what Israel needs now – politicians who care for the country, who want to keep it moving forward, and who understand this moment we are now facing in our national history.

Israel Election: Despite divisions, Israelis need real unity - editorial

MKs from different parties and opposing sides need to find a way to work together in a responsible and functioning coalition and as the opposition.

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