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Helping UNRWA to create a better life for refugees

Here are five policy suggestions that should be on the agenda of the next UNRWA Donors Conference, with one purpose in mind: to help 5.3 million descendants of refugees get on with their lives.

The United Nations General Assembly votes to adopt a draft resolution to deplore the use of excessiv

UNGA condemns 'acts of terror' by extremist Israeli settlers

The global body approved six anti-Israel resolutions on Thursday.

Stop saving UNRWA from itself - opinion

UNRWA spends more to do less, while perpetuating a problem it was meant to resolve and undermining the peace process itself.


UNRWA on brink of collapse, can’t pay salaries, Lazzarini says

Earlier this month UNRWA raised $38 million toward its $100 million shortfall in its $1.2 billion budget, but the remaining gap has left it scrambling for funds.

Will the US take responsibility for UNRWA? - opinion

How much longer can UNRWA get away with this is entirely up to its donors, because clearly the situation is and never has been fully under their control.


Letters to the editor November 17, 2021: Supreme sarcasm

The readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

UNRWA chief: We face collapse from political attacks and lack of funds

To date, UNRWA services 5.7 million Palestinian refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, the West Bank and east Jerusalem.

UNRWA doesn't need more funding, it needs to be shut down - editorial

Far from transforming refugees into self-sufficient individuals, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency has fostered dependency and a culture of entitlement.

  Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan was prevented from bringing picture proving antisemitic nature of

UNRWA’s deceitful ploys to stifle Israeli truth-telling - opinion

The corrupt body, whose ill-deserved status as an agency for “refugees” keeps it in financial cover, continues to employ educators who regularly incite terrorism against Jews.

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