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US will reimburse Israel for weapons transferred to Ukraine

The stockpile of weapons is held in Israel for US use across the Middle East, and Israel itself has withdrawn ammunition from it in the past.

Where does the IDF rank amongst the world's strongest militaries? - report

Israel is a tiny country whose military punches far above its weight class. But how does it compare to its neighbors, its enemies and the world's top military powers?

By Sam Halpern

South Korea, US discussing exercises using nuclear assets

The North's race to advance its nuclear and missile programs has renewed debate over South Korea's own nuclear armaments.


Nuclear subs, bombers show America’s global footprint - analysis

The details about the plane and the submarine are intended to send a message. The US didn’t need to reveal information on either of these developments.

CENTCOM commander concludes 4th visit to Israel since taking office

The commander toured Israel's Lebanese and Syrian borders and held panels with senior IDF officials on the subject of regional threats and cooperation.

Could Iran and North Korea stretch US forces too thin? -opinion

Tehran and Pyongyang are keenly aware of the impact that a challenge to Washington’s military reach by one has on the other’s ability to “resist bullying and intimidation by imperialists.”


US launched warplanes after Iran threatened Saudi Arabia - report

The scrambling of the jets comes after Riyadh warned the US that Iran was planning an attack against both Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

US worried that weapons sent to Ukraine could end up in ‘wrong hands’

The US State Department outlined a plan to stop the potential trade of US arms sent to Ukraine, noting that criminal actors may attempt to acquire weapons.

Russia: US lowering 'nuclear threshold' with newer bombs in Europe

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has triggered the gravest confrontation between Moscow and the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.


US marines finish last Iron Dome test before adoption decision

The experiment included a series of three test carried out over the course of a year. The system successfully intercepted a variety of targets. 

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