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The law courts in Tel Aviv

'Yediot Ahronot' ordered to pay libel damages to Im Tirtzu

The Tel Aviv Magistrates Court ordered Yediot Ahronot to pay NIS 125,000 in damages and legal fees.

COPIES OF ‘Israel Hayom’ and ‘Yediot Aharonot’ are displayed in Ashkelon l

A tale of three journalists

The media – even a state-sponsored public broadcasting authority – can make value judgments and decide when an employee has crossed a line.


Israeli journalists awarded for Diaspora relations coverage

Three Israeli journalists are being honored for treating the topics of antisemitism and Israeli-Diaspora relations with insight and sensitivity.

Amit Segal

Balad reports journalist for calling them terror supporters

Shihadeh said that calling the party a terrorist organization “hostility and open incitement against the entire Arab society,” which could encourage violence against the party and its supporters.

HOW TIMES have changed. Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a Likud primaries event several y

Prime minister rotation reportedly raised to challenge Netanyahu

Ashkenazi told activists outside his home in Kfar Saba on Tuesday morning that he has been working on uniting parties that would run together and challenge the Likud Party in the April 9 election.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu: The A-G seems to have succumbed to pressure from the Left

Netanyahu continued to explain the consequences this type of indictment could have on the future of the State, claiming that such a decision before an election could help the Left rise to power.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah take off from Lorna Airport, Bulgaria

Clean house

“Every Jewish mother should know that she has entrusted the life of her son in the hands of worthy commanders,” Israel’s founding father said.

Reporter who interviewed Hamas leader: I was tricked by the Israeli press

Francesca Borri claims she did not interview Hamas leader for "Yedioth Aharonoth."

Avichai Mandelblit

Attorney general: Harming High Court harms defense of IDF before ICC

Case 4000 probe of Netanyahu at advanced stage, says Mandelblit.

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