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Learn about Yemenite Jewish culture at this new Jerusalem exhibit

“You are Beautiful, My Love, ”a new exhibition at the Museum for Islamic Art, offers a glimpse of Yemenite tradition. The exhibition closes on December 31.


Yemeni rebels are helping restore a 160-year old Jewish cemetery

A Yemeni official told Kan that the renovation is a “message to all Aden residents that Aden is a city of peace and that we will not accept any harm to any holy site.”


300-year-old rare Yemenite Torah restored, dedicated to Colorado congregation

The Torah is written on deerskin – as compared to the traditional calf or cow skin – and is written in a rare Maimonides Script: a Sephardi script typical of Spanish and African Jews. 

Pascale’s Kitchen: Yemenite cuisine with Eitan Cabel

Eitan Cabel was generous enough to share with me a few of his favorite recipes, which you’ll find below. I hope you enjoy this foray into Yemenite cuisine as much as I did.

Yemenite Children Affair: Second grave to be opened Wednesday

Earlier this year, two graves were found under the headstone of Uziel Khoury, but it wasn't clear if either of the bodies was his.

By Walla!

Yemenite Children Affair: Grave of child to be opened for first time

A DNA test will be conducted as part of attempts to uncover details on the Yemenite Children Affair.

The legacy of Azerbaijani and Yemenite Jewry - opinion

I hope that Yemenite Jews alongside with other Jewish communities across the world can work to build a strong and friendly relationship with Azerbaijan.


This week in Jerusalem: Yemenite protest

A weekly round-up of city affairs.


Remembering Elgen Long, aviator who brought Yemenites to Israel - opinion

Elgen was the epitome of a mensch, reminding me – and us all – what we could be if only we manifested the best of us.

Yemenite immigrants

Health Ministry helped Israel kidnap Yemenite children in 1950s - report

It has become an accepted narrative that upward of 1,000 babies were taken from their families and put up for adoption.

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