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A-Wa performing at Barby Tel Aviv
The sounds of Yemen: 3 years after first album, the Haim girls are back

The show was non stop the tunes of a lost land, the stories of a strong woman who made her way to Israel from Yemen: Their great-grandmother Rachel.

The lost Yemenite children and I

The word of abduction spread like wildfire throughout more than two hundred transit camps, including our camp, and reached my father, Baba.

The Songs of the Mothers

A new show in Jerusalem honors the musical tradition of Yemenite Jewish female singers.

Wings of Eagles: Israel’s multiple airlifts and sealifts

Seventy years after their launch, Israel’s multiple airlifts and sealifts of distressed Jews defy modern immigration’s increasingly troubled course.

South Yemen speaks

The synagogues and monuments that once belonged to the Jewish community were saved and kept by our forces. Until today, we believe in the right of the southern Jews to their land and properties.

It's never too late to honor a hero

"It’s not just the people we brought. It’s their descendants, and I’m glad to have been a part of it."

Healing a 70-year-old wound: On the disappearance of the Yemenite children

The Knesset’s Special Committee on the Disappearance of Yemenite and Balkan Children has reunited three families, and urges adopted Jewish children outside of Israel to make contact

New law allows graves of disappeared Yemenite children to be exhumed

Since the 1950s, more than 1,000 Israeli families have alleged their children were systematically kidnapped from Israeli hospitals and given to Ashkenazi families.

Yemenite immigrants
DNA tests on exhumed bones of Yemenite children won’t be easy

Seventeen families of Yemenite origin who claimed their children were stolen and put up for adoption without their permission will undergo DNA testing.

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