Zionist Tzohar Rabbinical Organization

  HEAD OF the Tzohar rabbinical association Rabbi David Stav speaks at the Jerusalem Post 10th Annua

‘Jews, Arabs, must focus on common values to foster coexistence’ says Rabbi David Stav

“I still believe that if there is a solution to coexistence for Jews ad Arabs it is based on a common denominator that we share together, and these are the values of faith, charity, and family.”

Kashrut certificate in Jerusalem, July 21, 2021.

Jerusalem restaurants excited for potential new kashrut rules

“When you don’t have competition, I think it’s bad for business,” Crave co-owner Tzvi Maller said, speaking about the potential kashrut trust-bust proposed in the Knesset on Tuesday.


A prayer for parents of new IDF inductees - watch

The Tzohar Rabbinical Organization has composed a special prayer for the recruitment day for the recruits' parents.

Preserving ethics in journalism

Journalism, while often motivated by a desire to sensationalize or impact change, must still always be guided by ethical behavior.

Yes Atid Party Leader Yair Lapid signs a vow of integrity and honesty, 2019.

Party leaders vow integrity and honesty in campaign

The resolution states that "this period should be defined by ideals of moral behavior."

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