Livni: Clinton health hysteria would not be the same if she were a man

Zionist Union MK suggests double standard in coverage of Clinton.

Hillary Clinton's bout of pneumonia
Zionist Union MK Tzipi Livni suggested Monday that  the health of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was being scrutinized to a greater degree because she is a woman.
Addressing Sunday's incident in which Clinton was caught on film stumbling and being propped up by her security detail while leaving a September 11 memorial ceremony in New York, Livni stated, "I don't know what Hillary Clinton has, and I will not discuss the US elections, however, it's clear to me that if a similar incident were to happen to a man - it would not be met with such hysteria."
Peace Now General Director Yariv Oppenheimer appeared to echo Livni's sentiments, invoking the health of former prime minister Ariel Sharon.
"In Israel there was a candidate for prime minister who, even after the first stroke, during the election campaign, was seen by the majority of the public as the strong candidate and the best one to lead the country," Oppenheimer tweeted.
Speculation about Clinton's health and its outcome on the elections, just two months away, was rampant on Sunday following the incident. The candidate's campaign team was initially silent about her condition and Clinton's whereabouts were unknown.
An aide to Clinton eventually said that she had "overheated," and was recovered. Hours later, Clinton's personal doctor said that she was suffereing from pnemonia, which prompted her to cancel a fundraising trip to California.
Clinton's opponent, Republican nominee Donald Trump, has not addressed the incident, but he has previously called into question Clinton's vitality and her physical preparedness to tackle the job of US president.