Bill to end 'half-helmets' passes preliminary reading

November 19, 2014 17:12

A bill submitted by MK Boaz Toporovsky (Yesh Atid) to prohibit the use of "half-helmets" among motorcyclists and scooter operators was approved in a preliminary Knesset reading on Wednesday. The bill, which received 46 votes of support and no opposition, would amend the country's Traffic Ordinance and require that riders wear full helmets that entirely protect their heads.

"This bill saves lives immediately," Toporovsky said. "We must complete the legislation in order to prevent unnecessary death." Each year in the past four years, about 500 two-wheeled vehicle drivers were either hurt seriously or killed, with 87 percent of the injuries occurring in the head and neck region. Using the 2010 death of footballer Avi Cohen, who was killed in a motorcycle crash, as an example, Toporovsky called motorcyclists "one of the most vulnerable groups on the roads in Israel."

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