Class action lawsuit filed against Israel Railways over Dimona train crash

March 23, 2016 05:27

On Tuesday, a class action lawsuit was filed against Israel Railways in the name of Dimona-area residents who claim they have suffered emotional injury as a result of a March 14 train crash that caused 6.5 tons of bromine to spill.

The lawsuit, filed by the NGO Citizens for the Environment in the name of the residents of Dimona and the surrounding area, demands that the train company pay NIS 1,500 per resident, which amounts to NIS 20 million.

Lead plaintiff Abigail Biton, represented by lawyers Amir Yisraeli and Jamila Hardal Wakim from Citizens for the Environment’s legal team, claims in the suit that the crash caused emotional damage through anxiety and fear to all people in the area. Furthermore, she says that residents are still worried about another crash.

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