Egyptian denounces claims that Israel behind shark attacks

December 7, 2010 17:21
1 minute read.

Claims by an Egyptian official that Israel was behind last week's shark attacks off Sharm-el-Sheikh were denounced by an Egyptian marine biologist who called it a "conspiracy theory," reported Egyptian daily Al-Ahram.

Mahmoud Hanafy, a professor of marine biology at the Suez Canal University, told the newspaper that it is "sad," that Egyptian national TV helped spread the theory that the shark attacks may have been orchestrated by Israel. Responding to claims that the shark responsible for killing on person and injuring four had a GPS planted in its back, Hanafy said that the existence of a GPS does not mean there is a conspiracy at play, adding that these "tracking devices" are often used by marine biologists to study sea life.

"Here in Egypt we put these devices on turtles, in danger of becoming extinct, so that we can watch their behavior, see where they live, feed and lay their eggs," Al Ahram quoted Hanafy as saying.  "It sends signals to the satellite every time the creature appears on the surface of the ocean. It is sad that they made a person whose only knowledge of sharks comes from the movie Jaws go on national TV to propagate this mumbo-jumbo."

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