Peres: Unlike Hamas prisoners, Schalit kept in 'unforgivable' conditions

Peres Unlike Hamas pris

November 3, 2009 15:44

"The fundamental differences between the conditions in which Hamas prisoners in Israel are held and the disgraceful conditions in which [captured IDF soldier] Gilad Schalit is held … are outrageous and unforgivable," said President Shimon Peres at a ceremony conducted on Tuesday for outstanding Israeli Prison Service (IPS) personnel. The terms of Schalit's imprisonment, said Peres, reflect the chasm that exists between a democratic state and a criminal organization. During his speech, Peres referred to Monday's police announcement that Dimitry Kirilik was the chief suspect in the homicide case of the Oshrenko family, as well as to the recent arrest of alleged Jewish terrorist Ya'akov 'Jack' Teitel. "I watched with a torn soul as the shocking murder cases of the last few weeks unfolded," he said. "Observing the murderers, I felt like I was watching monsters, not human beings." Peres went on to praise the IPS guards for their "hard, resourceful, professional and sometimes life-saving" work among "criminal and political prisoners, some of whom are violent and dangerous, inside those pressure cookers called jails."

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