Yachimovich deems new political party 'Akirov faction'

January 17, 2011 19:40

MK Sheli Yachimovich on Monday deemed the new party created by former Labor party chairman Ehud Barak and four Labor members who recently resigned from the government, the "Akirov Faction," in reference to Ehud Barak's residence in Tel Aviv's Akirov buildings.

Yachimovich said that the "Barak-Netanyahu axis that exists today is an Akirov-Caesarea [where the prime minister has a home] axis, and with all the spurning that this connection yields, this is an opportunity for the Labor Party to sharpen its message and to heal."Yachimovich called on the eight remaining members of the Labor Party to choose a new chairman today, saying: "I urge members of the Labor Party to overcome internal rivalries, to join together and convene still today to pick a new party leader."

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