Anti-LGBT Noam Party set to run in September election

The new party is named Noam - A Normal People in Our Land, and has been established by activists connected to the conservative Har Hamor yeshiva in Jerusalem and its president Rabbi Tzvi Tau.

Rabbi Tzvi Tau (photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
Rabbi Tzvi Tau
(photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
The newly founded religious Zionist party Noam has acquired a previously registered political party in order to run in the September 17 election, further splintering the political map on the Right.
The party was established by associates of Rabbi Tzvi Tau, president of the highly conservative Har Hamor yeshiva, to combat the acceptance of LGBT people and families. Tau believes that the existing religious Zionist parties have not done enough to fight against the influence of LGBT activist groups, and more broadly have failed to preserve the observance of Jewish law by the state.
The Noam Party announced on Tuesday that it had acquired the defunct Lazuz Party, which was established in 2008, for NIS 80,000 from Amnon Ze’evi. The purchase will allow the new party to run in the coming election since the deadline for registering a new party has already passed.
Noam was formally established by former combat navigator Yigal Canaan; hi-tech businessman Ariel Shahar; head municipal rabbi of the Migron settlement Rabbi Itai Halevi; and Rabbi Dror Aryeh, head of the anti-LGBT Hazon organization.
The party founders declared in a statement that the State of Israel is “under unprecedented attack” designed to “blur every value,” in which “the straight has become crooked and the natural off-limits.”