Conversion to Judaism

Bennett: Break Chief Rabbinate monopoly to solve conversion ‘time bomb’

New Right leader says those who are overly stringent on performing Jewish conversion ‘are causing massive damage to Israel and Judaism, blames ‘haredi’ Chief Rabbinate for the problem.

Aliyah profile: A Book of Ruth story

“I believe that the Book of Ruth is my story,” says Devorah. “Ruth is always referred to as a Moabite. Even though she says, ‘Where you go, I’ll go, and your people is my people.’

Model Karlie Kloss poses
Karlie Kloss confirms conversion to Judaism

Supermodel said in interview she has 'joined the tribe.'

Female rabbi being ordained
Fearing court will accept Reform, Conservative converts, gov't seeks delay

“Worried that the decision by the High Court will confirm that there is more than one way to be a Jew.”

Transformational journey

Angel Himsel’s memoir of her conversion to Judaism is a beautiful read.

Answering ‘amen’

She was raised Protestant, became Catholic, then joined the Orthodox [Eastern] Church when she began “looking for more theology.”

ACTIVISTS TAKE part in a demonstration in Jerusalem in July against legislation that would have stre
Conversion authority head resigns in protest over ‘wronging of converts’

Rabbi Yitzhak Peretz submitted his letter of resignation earlier this week.

Western Wall
Court orders Interior Ministry to register private Orthodox convert as Jew

The Interior Ministry has defied the spirit of a High Court of Justice ruling for 18 months by refusing to register as Jewish a woman who converted in a private, Orthodox rabbinical court.

Tel Aviv Filipino shuk
Filipino guest workers come to Israel... and decide to embrace Judaism

While many Filipinos come to Israel for a few years to make money in a developed economy, the Lopez family converted to Judaism. And as of May, they still hadn’t told their Filipino friends.

The Rabbinical Court of Tel Aviv
It happened to my family. It can happen to yours.

“It’s sad and so unfair. Did you see how proud she was tonight? But unless someone figures out how to fix things she’s going to wake up one day and find out...”

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