Deal of the century

‘Winston’s hiccup’ and the Jewish homeland

Churchill’s drinking habits were usually incidental to his political activities, although an exception to this is contained in a bizarre story concerning events in the Middle East about 100 years ago


Trump’s remaining 10 week window on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

If Trump's legacy in Judea and Samaria is to last, Netanyahu will have to move quickly.

Waiting for Biden: a newly set Mideast table - analysis

Some elements of Trump's Mideast peace plan, the so-called “Deal of the Century,” are becoming facts on the ground regardless of who wins next week’s US election.


The historic battle for Israel’s heritage

Hundreds of heritage and archaeology sites in Judea and Samaria are reportedly slated to be removed from Israeli control and transferred to the jurisdiction of the proposed Palestinian state.


It's not too late to push Trump's 'Peace to Prosperity' plan – opinion

In sharp contrast to past peace efforts with the Palestinians, this new plan presents a pathway to achieve parameters that will lead to something realistic and long-lasting.

Netanyahu: Annexation still on the agenda

The prime minister said the matter is currently in the Trump administration’s hands.

Benjamin Netanyahu Mike Pompeo

Netanyahu, Pompeo put Trump peace plan back on the table

However, they notably did not mention any timeline for Israel to apply sovereignty to parts of Judea and Samaria as the plan allows.

Cover - Trumpeting peace Does the US Deal of the Century have a chance?

The Trump plan might actually be pro-Palestinian

The plan can also be regarded as a reflection or acknowledgment of reality, as it stands today.

Settlers push for new settlement outside boundaries of Trump plan

On Wednesday close to 1,000 right-wing activists held a rally in an area known as Ma’aleh Halhoul on the outskirts of the Gush Etzion Region of the West Bank.

David Elhayani

Settler leader: It will be a gift to Trump if Netanyahu annexes alone

‘Israel’s annexation window will soon close.’

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