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Egypt scores important points brokering the Gaza ceasefire - analysis

Cairo, again, proved itself indispensable in ending fighting between Gaza-based terrorist organizations and Israel.


Lapid thanks Sisi for Egyptian efforts to broker Gaza cease fire

Egyptian President Sisi and Lapid agreed that it was important to strengthen and develop "normalization between Israel and the countries of the region."

Egypt, UN working intensely to end Gaza violence

Egypt has been a longstanding broker between Israel and Gaza and has facilitated indirect talks for a restoration of calm during past outbreaks of violence.

Bodies of two Israelis killed in car accident in Sinai arrive in Israel

Egyptian authorities refused to allow Israeli helicopters to land in Egypt to evacuate the injured.

Egypt mummy

2,700-year-old ancient Egyptian stroke victim discovered

The mummy, believed to be a female between 25-40 years of age, is one of, if not the earliest examples of stroke in an Egyptian mummy.

Jeddah Summit showed US is no longer sole strategic partner in Gulf - opinion

US President Joe Biden attended the summit held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia recently along with the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.

From a spy’s son to ambassador to Egypt: Itzhak Levanon’s story

Kicked along with his family from Cairo as a boy, Levanon was dispatched 42 years later to serve as Israel’s ambassador. His story is revealed in a new book.


It's time to recognize the coalition government’s achievements - opinion

There is no doubt that Israel’s diplomatic relations with many of its neighbors were far better in June 2022 than in June 2021, and that the geostrategic map of the Middle East had started to shift.

Biden lobbies for regional security alliance with Israel, Arab states

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, however, said on Saturday that his country’s “requirements for peace” with Israel are “a two-state settlement with a Palestinian state."

Netflix’s new Israeli war drama revisits capture of a kibbutz in 1948

Inspired by the real-life battle for control of Kibbutz Nitzanim, during which Egyptian forces overpowered the Israeli military, briefly captured the territory and took over 100 prisoners of war.

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