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Iran’s paratroopers drill with old American C-130s

Iran has been showcasing missiles, drones and naval ships in recent weeks, seeking to show off its capabilities on the eve of the incoming Biden administration.

Why were there massive airstrikes against Syria? - analysis

The strikes come as the Trump administration is wrapping up its era.

IRGC siezes ship near Bu Musa Island, Iran

Iran’s naval drill marks humiliation anniversary in message to US admin

Iran says its navy and IRGC naval units are at the peak of their abilities.

Oil tankers pass through the Strait of Hormuz

Iran’s IRGC seizes South Korean tanker in naval piracy

The IRGC also behaves more like a pirate navy than an actual navy, harassing ships, threatening others and sometimes outright stealing and hijacking vessels.

Military units of the IRGC Ground Force are seen as they launched war games in the Gulf, December 22

Was an IRGC officer really killed near the Syria-Iraq border?

The incident is one of many like this that form part of the narrative of what is, or is not, happening in the shadowy “war between the wars” in Syria.

Military units of the IRGC Ground Force are seen as they launched war games in the Gulf, December 22

Airstrike kills IRGC commander at Iraq-Syria border - Iraqi officials

Iran-backed Iraqi paramilitary groups helped retrieve the bodies, the two officials said, without elaborating or giving the exact time of the incident.


A generation of fighters who died by the sword

In some ways it is a tragedy that these men turned their fire and anger against Israel and the US.

Iran Syria

Timing is everything: Assassination of Iran nuke chief Fakhrizadeh

Clearly Fakhrizadeh was a key to Iran’s program and his killing shows how vulnerable that program is.

Iranian revolutionary guard corps chant slogans in support of Iran's nuclear programme during Friday

Fakhrizadeh assassination a huge embarrassment for Iran

The killing of Fakhrizadeh is major news globally. As such it is a huge embarrassment for Iran.

burning flag

Iran official to students: Burn Israeli flags at home this year due to COVID

The website also features competitions ‘Why Down with the USA?’ and ‘Message to American Soldiers,’ for which students can enter drawings, essays, voice recordings and video clips.

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