Israel and China

China Israel flags
Israeli Cellebrite halts phone-hacking services to Hong Kong and China

The change comes after new US regulations restricting technology and other exports, meant to curb Beijing's acquisition of technology under civilian pretenses.

China Israel flags
First Hebrew class opens in west China: Bridge between cultures

"I told the children that language is the truest and most substantial bridge that exists between cultures, between people."

China has proven to be a bad actor. We owe them nothing.

Beyond the US-Israel partnership, China has proven to be an especially bad actor when it comes to communications and privacy.

China decries US-Israel deal to exclude country from 5G networks

"Chinese cities like Shanghai provided a safe haven to some 30,000 Jews fleeing Nazi Europe in WWII, but now Israel returns the favor by being a US poodle against China in 5G."

Ichilov Medical team at the coronavirus unit, in the Ichilov hospital, Tel Aviv, Israel, July 28, 20
Israel tops China in number of coronavirus cases

Coronavirus czar: 'Perhaps there is no choice but to impose a closure'

Israel’s delicate dance: Balancing China and its best friend

Israel is on a collision course with the US over its China relations and economic ties, as the American national security establishment views China as its primary and growing strategic threat.

A resident wearing a face mask dances at a blocked residential area after the lockdown was lifted in
China will never stop moving forward

China boasts the largest and the most complete industrial system, as well as the biggest industrial output in the world.

Sir Richard Dearlove, former Chief, British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). May 3, 2011.
Former MI6 head claims COVID-19 was made in a Chinese lab

Sir Richard Dearlove said there was good evidence that the virus was engineered, but that it's escape from the laboratory was accidental.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu and Chinese President Xi Jinping shake hands ahead of their talks
Breaking China: A rupture looms between Israel and the United States

For years, Israel has been working to dramatically expand trade with China. Now, that push is running up against strong opposition from the White House.

US Ambassador to Israel meets with Yoav Hendel and Zvi Hauser from Telem
US prioritizes stopping Chinese involvement in Israeli 5G

The US has asked its allies, including Israel, in recent weeks to sever ties with China in areas with security risks, according to a US official.

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