Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas is the head of the Palestinian Authority, a position he undertook in January 2005. He is a member of the Fatah, and has been a chairman of the PLO since November 2004, succeeding Yasser Arafat. He was born in Safed, and fled with his family to Syria in 1948 when Israel's independence day war broke out. He studied law at the University of Damascus and obtained a PhD degree at the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, where he wrote a dissertaion on the "secret relationship between zionism and nazism." Abbas is married to Amina Abbas and has three sons - two living, and one deceased.
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Abbas describes Biden visit as ‘big zero’ for Palestinians - report

Palestinian sources quoted Abbas as saying that he was “surprised” that he was unable to obtain from Biden a single sentence that could be presented as progress in the political process with Israel.

Is a three-state solution on the horizon? - opinion

The idea of a three-state confederation – a mini EU – covering the whole of what was originally Mandate Palestine, might open a hitherto unexplored path.

In northern West Bank, gunmen call the shots, tired of Palestinian Authority - analysis

Fatah and PIJ gunmen are flooding the streets of Nablus and Jenin. The PA won't stop them because they will look like "collaborators" with Israel.

PA's Mahmoud Abbas meets with Jordan's King Abdullah

Few details were released about the short meeting, but it appears to be an effort to prevent the Palestinians from being marginalized.


Abbas in France trying to replace the Americans as mediators

The Palestinians favor the EU as a broker because of its strong support for the two-state solution and its ability to pressure Israel more than the US can, expert says.


What 10 steps did Biden take to impact Palestinians?

Below is a list of ten pledges and steps the US took during Biden's visit, often together with Israel, designed to impact Palestinians.

Abbas portrays Biden's visit as successful amid public criticism

In his speech, Abbas stressed the need to “end Israeli occupation of the land of the State of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Abbas called for end to Israeli apartheid in press remarks with Biden

The US has been blunt about its opposition to accusations of Israeli apartheid, but Biden did not respond to Abbas' use of that language. 

Biden: I support two states based on pre-1967 lines

To help improve Palestinian day-to-day life, Biden said, he was pledging an additional $200 million to the United Relief and Works Agency.

Did Biden’s visit downgrade US recognition of Jerusalem? - analysis

Biden’s refusal to allow Israelis to visit along with him and his change of flags signaled he does not recognize Israeli sovereignty or authority in that part of Jerusalem.

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