Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas is the head of the Palestinian Authority, a position he undertook in January 2005. He is a member of the Fatah, and has been a chairman of the PLO since November 2004, succeeding Yasser Arafat. He was born in Safed, and fled with his family to Syria in 1948 when Israel's independence day war broke out. He studied law at the University of Damascus and obtained a PhD degree at the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, where he wrote a dissertaion on the "secret relationship between zionism and nazism." Abbas is married to Amina Abbas and has three sons - two living, and one deceased.

THE PALESTINIAN flag flies at a Palestinian Authority diplomatic post.
PA arrests political activist for criticizing security coordination

Palestinian journalist Aseel Sulieman, meanwhile, denied that she had been suspended from her work after strongly criticizing the PA over its decision to restore ties with Israel.

Abbas to ask Biden to move US embassy to Tel Aviv – report

Going back on many of Trump's pro-Israel policies is reportedly part of the price for the PA resuming US-mediated talks with Israel.

Biden victory could affect intra-Palestinian reconciliation

Analyst: Outcome in US will reveal true intentions on elections, end to Fatah-Hamas division.

Palestinian and Israeli flags overlook Dome of Rock and Western Wall
Are we entering a new beginning for Israeli-Palestinian talks? – opinion

With the understanding that the Abbas era is coming to an end, perhaps that is now beginning to change.

Palestinians hold posters of Mohammed Dahlan during a Gaza rally, December 18, 2014
PA steps up crackdown on supporters of Abbas's chief rival

The PA suspects that Dahlan, who has been living in the United Arab Emirates since 2011, is working to establish centers of power in the West Bank as part of a scheme to undermine Abbas.

UAE lawmaker: 'Hamas and the PA are both corrupt and murderers'

"Now the anger towards the UAE, from both the PA and Hamas, has been created because we have stopped paying. We want to pay and we will pay the people. Not Hamas and the PA."

World Jewish Congress president meets with Palestinian President

The Palestinians have cut off diplomatic ties with the Trump administration, which they have long accused of pro-Israel bias, and spurned the Gulf states' diplomatic moves toward Israel.

Top ex-Shin Bet official: Arab states view Abbas as irrelevant

“The Arab world now says that relations with Israel is more important than the Palestinian issue, which cannot be solved by Abu Mazen, for the foreseeable future.”

In wake of normalization, will the Palestinians board the peace train?

What is in Israel’s interests is to make overtures to the Palestinians, with support from the Gulf.

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