Russian Immigrants

Russian Immigrants

Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak addresses a panel of world religious leaders in Astana, Kazakhstan.
‘Change Law of Return,’ says chief rabbi following FSU ‘non-Jews’ comments

The chief rabbi went on to defend himself, insisting that he had already said but would repeat that the majority of immigrants from the former Soviet Union were Jewish

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Russian-speaking immigrants to Israel in a Rishon Lezio
Netanyahu continues push for Russian vote

Likud increases spending on cameras in Arab sector.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hosts Yisrael Beytenu members who shifted to Likud July, 2019
Netanyahu hosts Yisrael Beytenu defectors

"For him, a word is just a word and zero accomplishments," Netanyahu said.

Liberman Netanyahu
Netanyahu appoints adviser on Russian immigrants to fight Liberman

PM's spokesman said Liberman was "delusional" for comparing his own sector to animals and that it was Liberman, not Netanyahu, who is panicking.

The singer, the scientist and the financial wizard

“In terms of my overall mindset, I consider myself Israeli,” Maximilian says. “Yet my ‘Russian’ values are very much ingrained within my work ethic and manners.”

An agonizing dance

Boris Fishman’s memoir ‘Savage Feasts’ provides insight into the immigrant struggles of a Soviet Jewish family.

Report on racism in Israel shows significant rise in reported incidents

The complaints mainly addressed racist statements and publications, discrimination in receiving service, discrimination in employment, racism by the police and racism in education.

PROMINENT RUSSIAN Jews past and present who have helped shape Israel: Ze’ev Jabotinsky, founder of R
The Russian-speaking Jews who shaped Israel

A new website, “Seventy Russian-Speaking Jews Who Shaped Israel,” has been launched by The Jerusalem Post with GPG’s support.

Prime Minister binyamin Netanyahu laughing during a meeting with Swiss FM Didier Burkhalter, May 2.
Israel ranked 11th-happiest country in the world, ahead of U.S.

Israel’s native population actually has a relatively low emotional well-being. In a ranking based on net affect, Israel ranked 107th out of 156 countries.

Benjamin Netanyahu (C), Avigdor Liberman (L) and Ze'ev Elkin (R), during a meeting between the Likud
Does the Likud no longer speak Russian? Party copes with changing field

Party debates how to proceed with Yisrael Beytenu hovering around the electoral threshold and Zehut appealing to Russian-speaking voters.

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