United States presidential election

President Reuven Rivlin with President-elect Joe Biden
Netanyahu, Rivlin to Biden: ‘US-Israel ties beyond partisan politics’

The president said that US-Israel “friendship is based on values that are beyond partisan politics.”

Joe Biden and Donald Trump
Five values that could heal divide between Democrats and Republicans

How can we possibly unite America? We Americans hate each other. We’re divided on every level.

The possible future Biden administration: A Jewish guide

A comprehensive list of the names you need to know who are possible candidates for the Biden Administration

Joe Biden and Donald Trump
Jewish activists fired up as control of Senate hinges on Georgia runoffs

Biden is currently leading by 14,000 votes, pending recount.

Supporters of US President Trump protest against election results, in Washington
Trump supporters march in Washington to support his election claims

Organizers have given the pro-Trump rallies various names, including the Million MAGA March, the March for Trump and Stop the Steal.

Biden legal team confident Georgia recount won't change results

The Biden team said they were confident the process would be completed in time, citing a timeline from the secretary of state that expects the hand recount to be finished on Wednesday.

Trump Pennsylvania campaign hits snag as law firm drops case

The case was filed on Monday, three days before the law firm dropped it.

A militia group from Ohio protests against the state's extended stay-at-home order to help slow the
Officials predicted violence due to US election. It hasn’t happened — yet

Security analysts all stress that while violence hasn’t happened yet, it still very well could, especially if leaders continue to sow doubt about the democratic process.

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